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We are excited to share the stories and ideas of young neurodiverse individuals across the globe, so if you think that your child would make a terrific guest, then please complete the form below and we will be in contact shortly. All applications must be completed by parents or legal guardians.

Fry Show Guest Application

The Fry Show is a publicly broadcasted show. All participants are represented by cartoon octopus avatars which shall be created by the show's Hosts. These avatars are copyrighted and owned by the show. No real-life photos or videos of participants will ever be shown publicly. Video streaming services may be used to record the audio podcast and may store the videos, but they will not be aired. Participants may also choose to turn their camera off. The show in its entirety as well as clips may be used at the sole discretion of The Fry Show and its host, Katherine McCord. This may include, but is not limited to, broadcasting to various podcast platforms, social media, and the show website. The show and its Hosts also have the right to create promotional images and episode descriptions using the guest's cartoon octopus avatar, name, and country location as well as quotes from the episode. Guests and their parents or legal guardians may also utilize all promotional images, clips, streams, and recordings for episodes in which they appear for their own purposes. Guests and their parent or legal guardian may also use their cartoon octopus avatar which was created for their episode for personal use only. Parents/legal guardians of guest must also be present at the time of recording, but will typically not be part of the show.

Applicants and their parent/legal guardian also understand that there is to be no religious or political discussion or mention.

Not all applicants will be accepted as guests. Selections are made based on the number of free episodes and needs of the show.

By clicking "I accept terms & conditions" below and entering your full name as an e-signature, as a parent or legal guardian, you agree that you understand all of the information herein and provide consent and agreement to all terms listed above. 

Thanks for submitting!

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