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We are sharing the stories and musings of neurodiverse children around the globe!

The Fry Show is sponsored by The Neuroverse, a global neurodiversity not for profit organization.


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The Fry Show

Kids can teach us.

We need only listen.

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About The

Fry - a newly hatched octopus 

Why the octopus? With nine brains, three hearts, and eight legs, what creature could better represent neurodiversity?

Children have incredible minds and fun, nonlinear approaches to life's crazy, sometimes challenging, situations and we want to share the genius of our Fries with the world!

Join us as children from around the globe share their antics, stories, and genius ideas! 

Meet The Octopus Team

As Founder of The Neuroverse, a space-themed neurodiversity not for profit organization, and an international speaker and educator, our Host, Katherine, decided it was time to give a voice to young human octopuses across the globe. Luckily, she knows many other cool human octopuses that can help!



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